The lost Kingz of zion

These are the vivid memoirs of an obnoxious slave . Imagery sound word and visuals rule my every thought. faith and proactivity are beside every action or step i consciously choose to make. i believe life is long yet great. so lets thrive in the madness is life and put it on tumblr....... p.s also i am a record producer/song writer/musical director. PAN AFRICANISM IS A MIND SET AND A JOURNEY. RASTAFARI IS LIVITY, LOVE , HUMIDITY,PEACE , RIGHTEOUSNESS BEAUTY AND FAITH

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Make sure you grab your tickets assap
Great meet with my idol. The guy  who made me start producing. @rodneyjerkins aka darkchild
Rehearsal vibe cc @kojeyradical
#wcw.  But who is this though ….?
Land. And i see this.  πŸ˜• k ……
πŸ˜’ want to be back
Left atlantic right Caribbean  sea #home
Missed our flight. But we on the bright side we have just added Trinidad to the list !!  Still pissed though πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

【a rude boy ting dis】#rudeboysreturn (at Somerset House)